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If you have been injured in a serious accident — whether at work or on the road — you need more than a lawyer: You need a NC Law Firm that specializes that will be dedicated to your case from start to finish that is experienced in the law and committed to making your life easier during a difficult time.


Welcome to the Gunter Law Group. We only represent plaintiffs in workers’ compensation and automobile accident claims which means we have developed enough experience in those areas to help get our clients the maximum compensation to which they are entitled. Attorney K. Gregory Gunter has more than 15 years of legal experience in North Carolina, and our experienced and bilingual staff work closely with our clients to provide them with seamless legal help.

Workers' Compensation Attorney Representing Victims Of On-The-Job And Vehicle Accidents Throughout North Carolina

We give every client our promise that we will work diligently on his or her case, using our litigation and negotiation skills to ease their financial burdens while always taking the time to listen to their concerns and be there for advice and guidance. Our clients appreciate this one-on-one approach to representation which is why so many of them stay with us from the beginning of their case to end.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits to Which You May Be Entitled

Benefits in the Raleigh North Carolina Workers’ Compensation system can be broken into three broad categories:

  • Post-accident medical benefits

  • Post-accident compensation benefit

  • Post-maximum medical improvement (MMI) benefits

At the Law Office of K. Gregory Gunter, we know that it can be difficult to understand what your rights are following a serious workplace accident. We are here to help you navigate the workers’ compensation system to ensure you are getting the medical treatment, pay and other benefits to which you are entitled.

Post-Accident Medical Benefits

If your initial claim is approved, your employer’s workers’ compensation company will direct the course of your treatment. Although this means that you do not initially get your choice of doctor, you can petition to see another doctor — or one of your choosing — if you believe you are not receiving the care you need. We can help you get the proper approval for this treatment through your employer, its insurer or the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

Post-Accident Compensation Benefits

If you are unable to work for an extended period of time, you are entitled to weekly payments. Payments are equal to two-thirds of your weekly pay, based on the 52-week period prior to your injury.


  • The maximum weekly benefit an injured worker can receive is $992.00 for 2018.

  • Under the current law, injured workers may be eligible to receive these benefits for up to 500 weeks after their date of injury.

Post-Maximum Medical Improvement Benefits

Once you have reached maximum medical improvement, there are several options that you may be able to pursue based on your ability and your employer’s needs:


  • Return to work for your employer in the same or different position

  • Return to work for a different employer

  • Participate in vocation retraining

  • Negotiate a monetary settlement

There are many things to consider when evaluating your options. We will help make sure that you pursue the option that is in your best interests and that helps you maintain financial security while taking into account any long-term or permanent disability.

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